Our Company

Kaiser Foods Singapore has been established since April 2006 as another subsidiary of A&W Foodservice Ltd Hong Kong with the aim to capture the dynamic growth potential within the ASEAN region.

What We Do

Our Vision – To be the leading distributor for chilled and frozen products

Kaiser Foods Singapore Pte Ltd was established in April 2006, as a subsidiary of A&W Foodservice Ltd Hong Kong, with the aim of capturing the dynamic growth potential within the ASEAN region. As a leading chilled and frozen food company in Singapore, we are dedicated to the sourcing, sales/marketing and distribution of high-quality products for discerning retail, industrial and food service markets. A&W Foodservice also has offices in Macau, China, Canada and Malaysia.

Our portfolio consists of over 300 products with a supply base spanning across continents, giving us the advantage of providing a comprehensive, varied and exciting range of products. We provide supplies to multiple markets, with our customers ranging from hotels, fast food chains, bakeries, supermarkets, convenience stores and others. We continue to bring in a wide variety of chilled and frozen products, focusing on food safety, hygiene, convenience and value.

We have established partnerships with suppliers from around the world in order to bring our customers the best and freshest seasonal produce and goods. We strive to provide our customers convenience from storage, to handling to delivery without compromising on quality.

Our entire supply chain is closely monitored and regulated, ensuring adequate temperature control to keep our products in peak condition. Hygiene and food-safety are our top priorities when it comes to food distribution. As a leading chilled and frozen supplier in Singapore, we are committed to delivering only the very best to our customers.

Our Team

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Melvin is an empathetic leader, one who is able to influence his team through his humility and openness. His generous spirit and his excellent people skills are catalysts in enthusing and empowering his dedicated and committed team.

Mr Melvin Neo
Managing Director

Putting the customer at the centre of all that she does, Dorothy believes strongly in high standards and has mentored her team to enhance their working dynamics and to aim high. Under her guidance, her team adopts a customer-centric and collaborative approach to achieve positive outcomes.

Ms Dorothy Lim
General Manager – Foodservice Sales

A stalwart with over 30 years’ experience at FMCG, Lilian’s strengths are in enhancing senior leadership competencies, strengthening new leadership teams and
improving team collaboration. A leader at heart, Lilian also plays a critical role in fostering a positive organisational culture and in driving business results.

Ms Lilian Thai
General Manager – Retail Sales

For Peiming, effective communication is the key to success and she invests time in building high-trust teams through open communication. This has energised and inspired her team to come up with innovative solutions to any problems they encounter.

Ms Tan Pei Ming
Marketing Manager

A firm believer in trust and open communication, Kai Lin is particularly adept at empowering her teams and enthusing them to come up with creative solutions to emerging challenges.

Ms Leong Kai Lin
Inventory and Supply Chain

Karin has gained many valuable insights about life that is often woven into her professional life.

Ms Karin Ling
Finance and Admin Manager

A veteran in the food distribution industry, Poh brings with him great knowledge and a wealth of experience. His valuable insights have been particularly helpful in managing and overseeing the various aspects of the logistics.

Mr Poh Choon Lye
Warehouse Manager