Kaiser Foods Singapore is a leading supplier of dairy products, juices, table spreads, frozen vegetables and ice cream for discerning consumers. We delight our customers by bringing them a meticulously selected yet varied range of premium chilled and frozen products from around the world.



At Kaiser Foods Singapore, we identify trends and develop brands to bring the best tasting and high quality brands into the Singapore market. Established in 2006, Kaiser Foods Singapore has always sourced for and brought the best brands and products into the local market.

Our Brands & Products

Our product range is based on varied customer needs and we are constantly exploring new developments and trends in the market to continually cater to our customers’ needs and enhance their satisfaction.


Kaiser Foods is dedicated to bringing in the highest quality products from the best sources to the local market. Our products are carefully curated based on the local demand for freshness and quality.

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Our Markets

Airline Kitchens
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