Crop’s started more than thirty years ago as a small agricultural family business with a passion for fruit and a keen eye for excellence. Today, Crop’s operate all over the world; cultivating and freezing fresh fruit in the world’s best fruit growing regions.

From the exotic soils of Costa Rica and Chile to the rich grounds of the Baltic States, Crop’s build longstanding and loyal partnerships with local growers and farmers, to make sure their fruit is handled with the best of care.

To capture the freshness of the field, each one of Crop’s freezing and packing units is located in close proximity to the growing area. That is why Crop’s make sure, the sun ripened fruit are selected, cut and frozen within 2 to 4 hours of harvesting. By freezing the products quickly, Crop’s assure maximum preservation of vitamins, flavours, and texture. Guaranteeing 100% natural fruit with 100% pure taste without artificial colouring or additives.


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